The Phoenix Hebrew Academy Student Council is a robust and meaningful self-governing student body which helps to provide our students with important life skills such as listening to differing points of view, compromise, collaboration, public speaking, and more. Supervised by our staff, Student Council also helps to create and implement important supplemental programming for our students which can augment our curriculum with exciting and memorable experiences.  Such experiences have included a special event for every Rosh Chodesh, appropriately themed to match the Jewish calendar, as well as Holiday events and more. A few examples are listed below:

  • Draidle Tournament 
  • Chanukah Carnival 
  • Tu B'Shevat Apples to Apples Tournament
  • Tu B'Shevat Candy Apple Making 
  • Purim Katan Color War 
  • Purim Spirit Week 
  • Purim Carnival 
  • Lag BaOmer Scavenger Hunt
  • And much more!

As part of the fundraising efforts which our Eighth Graders undertake each year to help offset the costs of their annual class trip, they too offer many events throughout the year which teach our students the virtues of working hard, customer service, fiscal responsibility, and money management, among others.  Events such as their community dinners are fan favorites!

When combined with the other curriculum-based special events which the school provides, such as field trips, guest lecturers, assemblies, field day, and Minute To Win It, as well as our super special end-of-year trip, our students enjoy an action packed year of growth, filled with many widely differentiated learning opportunities!