Our primary source of financial assistance for families is the Jewish Tuition Organization, a School Tuition Organization that offers need-based scholarships to children attending Jewish schools in Greater Phoenix. Phoenix Hebrew Academy is proud to be a long-standing member of the JTO.

Any family applying for financial assistance is expected to apply for a scholarship from the Jewish Tuition Organization by completing the TADS Financial Aid Assessment as soon as possible, as funds are not always guaranteed to be available.

In addition to the JTO, there are other scholarships available for children attending  PHA. For more information regarding any of the above, please contact Rabbi Harris Cooperman at 602-277-7479 ext. 106, or email cooperman@phoenixhebrewacademy.org.


Supporting the JTO
It is the belief of Phoenix Hebrew Academy that supporting the Jewish Tuition Organization is a crucial part of supporting the greater Phoenix Jewish community. The JTO is a tax credit organization, which means that you can donate a portion or all your Arizona State taxes to it, and receive a dollar for dollar credit.

A tax credit is different from a tax deduction. A tax credit means that you can donate money which you would otherwise owe to the State of Arizona to the JTO instead.

Supporting the JTO can cost you nothing- because it is money you would have to give to Arizona anyway as part of your taxes, but the benefits the JTO provides are immeasurable. It is an organization that helps families, schools, and our community.

At PHA, we expect all of our parents to contribute to the JTO every year. The JTO values every gift, regardless of size. Every gift to the JTO helps strengthen and support Jewish education in greater Phoenix.

So please- give today, and give generously!

To learn more about taking a tax credit to support Jewish education, visit the JTO website

For more information please contact Rabbi Harris Cooperman at 602-277-7479 or email cooperman@phoenixhebrewacademy.org.